Issue 8


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It is so important to find what makes you happy and stick with that. Chandler Burton said in their interview, “society is going to try and put you in a box, and you’re not gonna fit in that box.” But that’s okay. We don’t have to always fit in boxes or follow society’s norms. Being yourself is the ultimate version of freedom, and you shouldn’t be afraid of showing the real ‘you’, as this can not only have a great impact on your life, but on other people’s lives too who look up to you and get inspired by you for doing that.

Issue 8 features Beatrice Domond, Boo Johnson, Myles De Courcy, Chandler Burton, Steve Brandi, Lizzie Heath, Carolina Gamboa, Holden Vetro, Adrianne Sloboh, John Tzakis, Josefina Tapia Varas, Sophia Cook and the SuperJazzClub crew.

1. Boo Johnson – Shot by Seu Trinh
2. Myles de Courcy and Chandler Burton – Shot by A Klass

Photographers: Giovanni Reda, George Kanis, A Klass, Jo Savage, J.K Wormenor, Julius Tornyi, Nana Kwando Agyei Addo, Kostis Fokas, Joel Peck, Seu Trinh, Dennis Olzon, Josh Stewart.

Special thanks to Nathan Tuft, Lizzie Heath, Sandy Alibo, Zane Foley and Neftalie Williams.

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Boo Johnson, Myles and Chandler