Issue 6


SKATEISM Issue  6 РAn educational issue about race.

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2020 is almost over, a very challenging and eye-opening year for everyone. After seeing the BLM protests and uprisings and witnessing some people’s true colours, we wanted to use our platform to share the incredible stories of 9 skaters of color growing up in different parts of the world, their experiences, as well as their thoughts on the BLM movement. Dr. Neftalie Williams was the person that we thought would be the ideal guest editor for this issue, as he has been exploring race and diversity in skateboarding for many years now. With no restrictions or agenda, he had deep conversations with people such as Mike John, Nassim Guammaz, Khule Ngubane, Jaime Reyes, Maicol Cortez, Sal Barbier, Seu Trinh, Samarria Brevard and Thomas Teixeira.

We are hoping that this is only the beginning of a much bigger discussion, and that we continue to educate ourselves, as well as our readers through our shared passion for skateboarding.

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